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benefits of product

Empower empowers basketball league owners to offer a more complete and professional league organization in a more efficient manner. With easy-to-use online league set up and operational services, league owners are free to focus more on an enjoyable season and less on administrative overhead.

benefits of product


We enable smoother running and more efficient basketball league operations so that league owners and managers can deliver a better service to their participants. is an online league management platform dedicated to reinforcing the values of teamwork, social interaction and fitness, as well as spreading the love for the game.

benefits of product


An organization focused on spreading the love of the game, empowers basketball league owners with the online tools, services and support necessary to more efficiently and effectively manage their leagues while providing a more enjoyable experience for their players.


We are a group of basketball enthusiasts

dedicated to helping basketball league owners and managers spread the love of the game. Our online basketball league management services provide an affordable and efficient total solution for creating and managing basketball leagues of any size and type. With league managers can take registrations, created teams, set up schedules, establish league and game rules, capture statistics for every game, team and player, and process payments.

feature is an online, cloud-based service

for owners and managers of basketball leagues of all sizes and varieties empowering them to better manage all of their league activities. Enabling league organizers to manage their leagues more efficiently and with full capabilities to structure the league, its teams and players, offers a complete set of secure services, providing the resources and support needed to ensure a successful season for all.


Dedicated on making organizations of basketball leagues more efficient and effective offers complete online league management and organization services for the creation of any basketball league. Now league owners and managers can eliminate much of the overhead associated with setting up and running the league and focus more energy on providing an enjoyable experience for all participants, their families and friends.

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